China SXT Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is an innovative pharmaceutical company based in Taizhou city of Jiangsu province, China, and operated by Jiangsu Suxuantang (SXT) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. throughout a VIE structure. The company engages in research, development, manufacturing, marketing, and sales of traditional Chinese medicine pieces (the “TCMP”) including advanced TCMP (directly oral and after-soaking-oral TCMP), as well as fine and regular TCMP products. Its legal representative is Mr. Feng Zhou.    

Dr. Jingzhen Deng, a veteran in TCM or natural product area both in China and USA, joined the company in June, 2013. Dr. Deng rebuilt our research and development (R & D) team. He established general R & D strategy, utilizing the approaches in the discovery and development of new drugs to revolutionize TCMP production , and continue developing newly advanced and non-decocting TCMP/TCM products. Our advanced TCMP products comply with the regulations of Chinese Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) or provincial FDA, and corresponding standards of China pharmacopoeia (version 2015, as well as keep to the all of principles of Chinese Traditional Medicine. Our R & D has demonstrated that the directly-oral and after-soaking oral products, in contrast to regular TCMPs, have significant advantages in non-decocting: keeping TCM original ingredients, improving bioavailability of bioactive constitutes, easy storage, saving crude materials, and more safety. With the advantages, the advanced TCMP products are being distributed rapidly to GSP-certified commercial companies, hospitals, and drugstores nationwide.

At the 14th China Scientist Forum held on September, 2017 in Beijing, China, our company was granted three awards  the research and development of advanced TCMP products, (directly-oral and after-soaking-oral TCMP): Innovation Award, Achievement Award, and first outstanding R & D Article Award, which supports strongly that our research and development are pioneering and leading in these aspects nationwide.

We have centuries-old brand “Suxuantang”(the ”SXT”). Our “SXT” TCMP products were granted the award of Jiangsu Taizhou Famous Products in December 2016. Our brand “SXT” was named as “Taizhou Well-Known Trademark” by Taizhou Administration for Industry and Commerce in December, 2017. Nowadays, we have committed to build a new production base very soon in Taizhou, covering 34,000 square meters, including facilities for advanced TCMP, fine and regular TCMP, and traditional Chinese patent medicine (TCPM) production, storage center, R&D center, marketing center, and other associated facilities. We strive for constantly leading the R and D, and sales market of new advanced TCMP products. We believe that with the recognizing-brand “SXT”, R & D capability, and sale- network-building potential ability, our company can be a top-ranking enterprise in manufacturing, and sales for advanced TCMP/TCPM in the future.


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